Friday, 13 April 2012

We love The Shirt

This season's 'must have' is the shirt. For my daughter and her friends the inspiration comes from Kate Middleton. Me I'm just having a Princess Di moment. I've even dug out the pearls!

Joking apart Andrea and I started putting together our shirt collection a couple of years ago in response to our customers who were beginning to tire of T Shirts and were looking for something a little bit moreish.

We have a lovely range of everyday ladies shirts made by British Label Grenouille which come in two shapes and several different cloths including non iron seersucker. They are virtually indestructible and sell for between £32 & £39.  For the mid- range we have Double Two.  Another very well established British label that is working hard - and I might add succeeding - in updating it's design base. These blouses are fantastic not only for everyday but also posh lunches and dress down dinners too - they retail at under £50. 

This season we are delighted to welcome BARILOCHE & TINTA. These shirts are exclusive (I am pretty sure not for long ) in Norfolk to Artichoke. The cloth is sourced in Italy and France and the blouses are made up in Spain. Bariloche is as you can see a ladies shirt - with a difference - look at the inset details. They remind me of Ralph Lauren but are on sale at a fraction of the designer's price. Tinta is a softer rouched style more a pastiche of Gucci & Chanel but at special price this season of £52 - much more attractive to the Norfolk Pocket!


...with a pair of our Oscar B or Anna Montana Jeans for that on trend look.

' I have been told that you shouldn't wear patterns on the largest part of your body - which is my bust - can I still wear Tinta blouses?'

....of course, just make sure that you have a block colour like a plain jacket over if you are wearing it as a blouse.  The best look we think however is wearing them as an overshirt with either a block colour or monochrome underneath.  Andrea is wearing hers with a white vest and wide leg white linen trousers and as always looks amazing as the monochrome not only elongates her legs but makes her look thinner.

I am wearing the Bariloche (which I love) over a vest tucked out for a casual look and tucked into my belted straight leg Amazing Woman Jeans under a jacket, complete with pearls & pumps for my Princess Di 'homage'. Looking good!

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