Saturday, 10 March 2012

We love Anna Montanna Jeans

We have had a  bit of a hitch on the Louise Collins interview as this month she is running around the country making sure that lots and lots of shops in rural England stock her great range of clothes next Winter.  Fingers crossed she will be able to join The Girls at Artichoke say in April.

As we have some fantastic new jeans at Artichoke I thought that some tips on wearing them might be a good idea.  Anna Montanna are a German brand new to the UK . Each style of jean is sold in three different shapes and up to three leg lengths.  This season we are stocking size 12 to 18 but they are available in 10-26. Another bonus  - as well as bringing out a new styles each season they also carry  a never out of stock range so once you have discovered the jean that is for you, you can return season after season secure in the knowledge that they will fit.

Why dont you pop in try a pair yourself?

We look forward to seeing you
Best Wishes
Sarah, Andrea and The Artichoke Crew

PS: I forgot to mention the best bit – the price £59 – that equates to one leg in a pair of NYD’s !!

 " Jeans can look great on women of any size and age as long as they are bought with thought. "

Here are some tips from the artichoke girls for the woman who still lives in denim.

Choose jeans with some stretch. They look good and have the added advantage that you can not only sit down but eat in them too!

You don’t have to stick to denim. Other colours such as this season’s silver, lagoon and navy all look great.  Team them with one of our Jack Murphy Floral  or Tinta blouses and you will be bang on trend. (Thank you Kate Middleton)

For a more dressy look chose a solid, darker colour which will give you the added advantage of making you look slimmer. We have some amazing Oscar B jackets in store – these and your jeans will take you anywhere.

Have jeans in different lengths to wear with different heel heights.  The 7/8 ths trouser looks great on supermodels - having our hems at half mast just makes us look more bewildered than we actually are.

Slightly flared or wide legged jeans look great on many older women. They look fab with high heels under them. Wearing any trouser this way will give added leg length.

If you have good pins skinny jeans will look great tucked into boots just cover your tum with a slightly longer top.
Even in Essex don’t overdo the bling

BIG no no's

Jeans that cut into your stomach area. Muffin tops are not flattering!
Low rise jeans – the crack in your bum is not a good look!
Baggy jeans – even if you are a hundred you don’t need to look like it.

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