Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Top tips for the shopping in the Sales

With the sales in full swing we have been looking at some ways at ensuring your wardrobe won't be full of yet more must haves that will never see the light of day .....

Make a List of what you need
How many black jumpers or red T-shirts have you bought not only because they were a great bargain but also because they will go brilliantly with the jacket you got for Christmas - having completely forgotten about the three you have at home already?

Will I wear it?
Before you snap up that 'Rudolph themed' Christmas Jumper ask yourself will you actually wear it?

The three outfit rule
This a great one I found in The Telegraph. 'A certain stylish 'it' girl shops by this simple mantra; if it works with at least three other pre-owned outfits then the purchase is a sound one.' This is a savvy shopping rule and should be implemented when navigating the sales.'

Buy the right size
This is true whatever time of year but a mantra that must be repeated hourly when surrounded by 75% off signs. If it is a size too small leave it where it is. You might slim down enough for it to fit you by the beginning of next winter .......but you probably wont .

Leave children and husbands at home
Do I need  to say more?

Dress for success
Wear comfortable shoes and a warm lightweight coat with something that is easy to pull on and off underneath.

For guaranteed success Shop at Artichoke
Our sale starts on January 7th (preview days for Artichoke Girls 3rd & 4th Jan).
For bargain bagging in a relaxed environment either hop in the car and come and see us or have a look at the website where we will keep you up to date of the bargains to be grabbed.

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